Ao final do projeto você vai conseguir monitorar a temperatura e exibi-la em uma página web usando apenas o Raspberry Pi!

Seja bem-vindo ao Projeto Full Stack Raspberry Pi, me chamo Alexandre Colauto sou formado em engenharia eletrônica e estou desenvolvendo um Smart Garden. Uma parte deste projeto será uma interface web para acompanhar o crescimento da planta. É aí que entra o Raspberry Pi.

O que é o projeto Full Stack?

O projeto consiste em realizar a leitura de um sensor de temperatura e umidade DTH22 e apresentar as informações em uma página web utilizando o Raspberry pi.

Para conseguir fazer isso vamos utilizar o Raspbian…

Our AWS virtual private cloud in 5 min.

AWS VPC logo

What is a VPC?

Basically, AWS will rent you a logically isolated part in their data center. You will have total access and control over resources and permission. You can control who accesses what. You can think of it as a Facebook account, you control the content that is posted and also the person that you share with.

When you create an AWS account, a “default” VPC is created for you.

VPC Basics

You can find an example of VPC pretty close, actually, every home internet is a VPC.

From a total newbie point of view.

I’m just getting started inside this universe called AWS. I’m taking a course in A Cloud Guru and this is my studies notes, they might not make much sense now, but I’m putting all my knowledge here. This will not be too useful for those who already master Cloud Computing, but might help those who are beginners like me.

Photo by Jukan Tateisi on Unsplash

So with no further ado, let’s go through a really wide overview of AWS.

Global Infrastructure

How the physical stuff that AWS runs on is structured across the world.

AWS Skeleton

Even the cloud services must have physical…

Photo by Rubén Bagüés on Unsplash

If you went to Brazil 7 years ago, besides the fantastic landscape, the fabulous food, and the happiest people I've seen so far, you probably would notice something odd. In any personal card that someone gives to you, and in most store facades, there would be two, three, and sometimes even four telephone numbers!

That's because SMS was expensive, and the providers had extra fees for calling other providers. I remember choosing the provider; I had to evaluate the person I mostly talk to and get the same company as they do. Because of that limitation, it was pretty convenient…

Paulo Leminski grafitado na parede do bar O Torto, em Curitiba by NMaia under CCBY-SA4.0

A few days ago, I was watching a video about Paulo Leminsk, a famous Brazilian poet. The video shows one of his text and touched me profoundly. I wish to share with you the text and what I've learned.

“Slaves and masters.Nobles and peasants.Employers and employees. Technicians and workers. Nothing distinguishes humankind from animals more than the division of labour—our greatest strength and also the source of our weakness.

Because of the division of labour, humankind was able to multiply its power over nature at a remarkable rate. Only 30.000 years ago, all that we had to face the hostility…

Photo by pine watt on Unsplash

You know when you are having a bad day, and everything seems to make it worst?

This used to happen a lot with me: Going through loopholes of complaining and feeling that the whole universe is against me; in fact, I remember repeating to myself “this can't get any worse”, just to get more disappointed with the next problem.

By no means I am now an enlighted person, but after studying a lot I understood better what was happening inside of my brain; this knowledge helped me to have less of those days and put effort into changing the way I see life.

O próximo passo no nosso projeto Full Stack vai ser conectar e configurar nosso sensor de temperatura de umidade, o DHT 22, que é um dos mais comuns no mercado e por isso acaba tendo muita documentação sobre ele, logo se der algum erro é bem provável que com um pouco de paciência você consiga encontrar alguém que já passou por um problema parecido.


Mestre em engenharia eletronica, streamer e Dj nas horas vagas

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